World's Most Precious

Another Classic Buddhist Love Story

by Good Sam

Once upon a time, there was a Yuanyin (Round-Voice) Temple. Every day, there were lots of people offering incense to pay homage to Buddha. There was a spider tying a net on the beam of the front side of the temple. Every day because the spider had been receiving incense smoke and sincere worship, the spider had gained Buddha-nature. After a thousand years of cultivation, the spider's Buddha-nature had increased a lot.

One day, out of the blue, Lord Buddha graced the Yuanyin Temple. He was very happy to see that the incense fire was burning strong. As he was leaving the temple, unintentionally he raised his head and saw the spider on the beam.

Lord Buddha stopped and asked the spider, "You and I meeting is because of the causes and conditions in our destiny. Let me ask you a question to see what true knowledge have you realized in over a thousand years' cultivation. Would you like that?"

The spider was delighted to have met Lord Buddha and quickly accepted.

Lord Buddha asked, "What is the world's most precious?"

The spider thought for a moment and replied, "The world's most precious are cannot-have and already-lost."

Lord Buddha nodded his head and left.

So another thousand years had passed, the spider was still cultivating on the beam of the Yuanyin Temple. The spider's Buddha-nature had increased greatly.

One day, Lord Buddha came to the temple again and asked the spider, "How are you doing? Have you had a deeper understanding of the question of a thousand years ago?"

The spider said, "I reckon the world's most precious are cannot-have and already-lost."

Lord Buddha said, "Give it a good think. I will come find you again."

To be continued...

If you were the spider, what do you think? Just email if want your thought posted here.

"I would say the world's most precious are the true Gurus incarnate here, who transmit the true dharma to us (the ignorant and defiled) in a way that we can receive, so that we (like them) have the opportunity to unfold into our own true nature." by Franky

"The spider's answer is a good description of the ultimate fruitlessness (suffering) of chasing what is in and of the world for our own gratification. If we don't have what we desire we suffer. If we get it we will at some point lose it anyway (and so suffer again). This is of course absolutely precious if we really can see / understand the process and turn towards dharma." by Franky

"I think the worlds most precious is everything and nothing in that everything is precious but as all is one and there is no difference there can be no precious as there is no difference." by Samantha

"The true self of Bodhi enlightenment is the most precious of all, the precious dharmakaya. Because it is the basis of everything, it has no limitations, and it is itself immeasurable wealth. However few people know this treasure. People identify with the body and thinking mind and are swayed by birth and death. But that which is not born and does not die, containing the whole world, the original nature, liberation itself, freedom and boundlessness forever this is the most precious. So when people finally realise this they obtain what they never had before, like a poor man who finds a jewel in his garment." by Nikos

"I would say The world's most precious are cannot-have and already-lost because they are the ones we are here for by BEing the LIGHT of ourselves in Service by example. In this way, BEing the match of our higher-selves, we light the fire that burns BRIGHTLY, catching fire to ALL." by S. Humphreys

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