What Makes A Vajracharya?

Written by Zanze Pandit

Dechan Jueren had said, "You are a Vajracharya if you know your mantras and if you don't you are not."

If you received a Dharma Name and Abhisheka directly from Dechan Jueren, you have in fact received an empowerment to become a Vajracharya, whether you have a high-visibility yellow jacket on or not.

If you received a Five-Buddha Crown, you are definitely a Vajracharya in the Chinese Mahayana Buddhist tradition.

If you have dual Five-Buddha Crowns, you have both Garbhadhatu and Vajradhatu.

Ultimately, you have to know, not just memorize, enough mantras to be a bonafide Vajracharya. After all, the old name for this school is Mantrayana.

A Vajracharya should also know how to setup a proper Vajracharya Altar and be able to explain the significance of everything on the altar.

A Vajracharya has genuine instead of idiotic compassion.

A Vajracharya has genuine instead of ignoramus' wisdom.

A Vajracharya has genuine instead of foolish courage.

Above all, a Vajracharya has humility instead of empty pride.

In other words, a Vajracharya focuses on awareness over awashed in one's own saliva.

Do you want to be a Vajracharya of substance or of superficiality?

The following is a very brief, not an exhaustive, list of initiated Vajracharyas.

Vajracharya in Demark:

  • Pernille, Zhihua

Vajracharya in German:

  • Linda, Dexue

Vajracharya in Japan:

  • Taisei, Zhicheng

Vajracharya in Mexico:

  • Eduardo, Chanyuan Denao

Vajracharya in Canada:

  • Betty Jane, Chanqi De'e

Vajracharya in Ireland:

  • Martin, Zhidi
  • Mary, Zhiyue
  • Tara, Zhiju

Vajracharya in UK:

  • Paul, Chanping Dezhi
  • Rene,
  • John, Zhizai
  • Jamie, Zhipai
  • James, Zhiyan
  • Fateh, Zhiran
  • Alex, Zhifa
  • Sean, Dexi
  • Jane, Zhifo
  • Sarah, Zhijiang
  • Carol, Zhilun
  • Louise, Zhishi
  • Julia, Zhidun
  • Jo, Zhiling
  • Helen, Zhiheng
  • Har, Zhimi

Vajracharya in USA:

  • 5BC Mahavajra John,
  • 5BC Mahavajra Jackson, Chanzhi Dezhong
  • 5BC Mahavajra Ed, Zhiyi
  • 5BC Andy,
  • 5BC Ross,
  • 5BC Mark, Zhichen
  • 5BC Ray, Zhibian
  • 5BC Robert, Chanzhi Defu
  • 5BC David, Chanman Debian
  • Robert, Zhixi
  • Jacques, Chanshao Dehan
  • Douglas,
  • Stephen, Chanyu Dechuan
  • Steven, Zhimi
  • Dan, Chanzhi Decheng
  • Paul, Chanzhi Dejian
  • Larry, Chanyi Dechu
  • Tam,
  • Justine, Chanhu Deyu
  • Glen, Chanda Deyue
  • Anthony, Chanhe Deming
  • Paul, Chanxin Dehui
  • Jacques, Chanshao Dehan
  • Neil, Chanshuo Dejie
  • Harold, Chanshen Deti
  • David, Chanshen Deye
  • Rolando, Chantong Deseng
  • Morris, Chanzhong Deju
  • Donald, Chansheng Dezhou
  • William, Zhikan
  • 5BC Sue, Chanzhi Dehui
  • 5BC Lin, Chanwu Dezheng
  • 5BC Jenny,
  • Tsering, Chanhui Dewan
  • Ivory,
  • Jennifer, Chandao Desheng
  • Lisa, Chande Deran
  • Ellen, Chancheng Desan
  • Yvonne, Chanzhi Desheng
  • Delores, Chanduo Demen
  • Jennifer, Chankong Deda
  • Nancy, Chanhai Delun
  • Angelina, Chanxiang Dehua
  • Carol, Chanzhi Degu
  • Choi, Chanwan Dejing
  • Lisa, Chande Deran
  • Janet, Chanmu Dexun
  • Tyger, Chanyan Dexiao
  • Teresa, Chanfo Deman
  • Charlotte, Zhichan
  • Camille, Chanli Chanshan
  • Joy, Zhixiu
  • Debra, Zhiran
  • Maria, Zhiwu
  • Robin, Zhiyi

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  • Zanze Pandit

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