Treasure Vase Qi Guided Meditation

A Guided Meditation Dharma Practice

Cold & Heat Tonic Qi Treasure Vase Dharma

Honeybees are dying. Harvesting is decreasing.
Snow in the south and rain in the north.
Sea level is rising. Permafrost is melting.
Inflation goes north and money goes south.

In the ancient time, adepts of the realized knowledge must make arduous journey to perfect their practices. They have to endure the harsh changing environment and be able to bear the Himalayas cold and the Gobi heat. Often time, they would go on for days without food and water. This Dharma Practice opens one's ability to create the sensations of warmth or cold in the body. It is for self preservation in the harsh environment of extreme cold and heat.

How did they do it with nothing more than just the clothes on their back?

"We have all heard of Mind over Matter, yet few are able to master this concept. The reason for this is very simple. Mind power comes from purified thinking. You must first develop purity of thought. When you do, your mind enters a certain state. In this state your body will generate a kind of self spiritual light. When the self spiritual light unfolds and develops, it can excite the inner potential of the body, and reveal various energies in the human body, which we are ordinarily not aware of. These energies, once activated, can be directed by the mind. Not only can they slow down ageing, it can prevent various diseases, and develop one's wisdom." by Vajratara

Foundation Dharma Practice For Self-Realization

A Guided Meditation Workshop

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Five Dharma Courses:
Treasure Vase Qi Dharma Practice
Calming & Relaxing Dharma Practice
Diamond Wisdom Dharma Practice
Dhyana Yoga Dharma Practice
Thunderbolt Yoga Natural Healing Dharma Practice

Who are you guys?

  • Dechan Jueren

    Dechan Jueren

    (Attained Zen Awakened Man)
    Mahavairocana Dharma King, Living Buddha

  • Zanze Pandit

    Zanze Pandit

    (Exalted Standard Learned Man)
    Dean of the Esoteric School

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