Traditional Chinese Metaphysics

Traditional Chinese Metaphysics is the foundation knowledge for the Chinese classical disciplines, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Accupuncture, Daoying Qigong, Fengshui Geomancy, Divination, Art of War, Four Pillars Bazi, Purple Star Astrology, Six Ren Numerology, Qimen Dunjia, etc. The most notable book in Traditional Chinese Metaphysics is I Ching: The Book of Change. It is the study of the Principle of Change. It is the Science of Nature. It is the Path of Wisdom.

Basic Paradigm: Grand Beginning From Non-Beginning; Dualism; Three Talents; Four Forms; Five Elements; Six Harmonies... and, 25 Realities.
Principle: Formula & Computation; Ten Stems & Twelve Branches; Tonal Elements...
Analysis: Interpertation & Divination; Signs & Metaphor; Enumeration...

This course gives a brief overview of the origin of Chinese culture, Yin-Yang & Five Elements, I-Ching & Bagua, etc. Learn to master the 22 characters of the fundamental concept of time and space. Understand your Chinese zodiac signs and elements. Know your elements' relationship, penalty, clash, transformation, and combination.

Learn Basic Analysis for decision making, and in-depth study of the million dollar formula of Tonal Elements. In the ancient times, a seeker would offer a Fengshui Master 1,000 ears of gold to learn this formula!

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