To Sit Is To Be Dead

Written by Rene C.

I’ve been practicing meditation for some time, and I’ve put a lot of hours in. For a while now, I’ve felt that there’s been something missing from my practice. A lack of proper understanding of the meditations has made my practice become stagnant. I remember a saying from Master Dechan Jueren, “To sit is to be dead.” The meditations need to come alive. You have to understand what each step is about, why we chant certain mantras, what do they mean, how do they relate to the meditation.

Zanze has an abundance of knowledge, not just Buddhism, but Taoism and Tantra. He also has the awareness to properly guide you, with a grounded no nonsense approach, to help your practice come alive.

To truly start to have awareness, you need someone to guide you, to help you understand the essence of the teachings – the what, the why and the how. As far as I am concerned Zanze Pandit, the dean of our school is the one who can help us overcome our foggy thinking awareness and bring some logic and clarity to our practice and our school.

Two weeks spending time with Zanze and I feel humbled, I still have so much to learn, so far to go, but the first steps have been taken. If you want your practice to come alive, and you want clarity and understanding, I recommend, if you can to spend time with Zanze Pandit, in surroundings that are conducive to practice.

Be humble; respect our parents, teachers and ancestors. Learn, study, and try our best to better ourselves, our practice and our school.

Chanting With Zanze

Written by Rene C.

We were going through the foundation 97 mantras in Zanze's home. When we started the rinse mouth mantra, I noticed one of the lights flickering. I didn't pay much attention as I was concentrating on learning the mantra. Next thing Zanze stood up and went to the light switch. The switch for that particular light was off. The flickering I had noticed was the light coming on. Wow! What just happened? The lights and the building are quite modern, and this hadn't happened before. Zanze mentioned that these sorts of things are quite common whilst chanting. Lights, radios, anything electrical can start reacting to the light of the mantra. The Mystery School can aslo be the Magical School. The Magical Mystery School.

Thank You

"Thank You, Master Zanze for helping my son. What did you do! He decided go back home; surprise me. My husband accepted him go home. When I asked him; everything happened so fast and peaceful. Again, I am very appreciating what you did to help my son." ~ Vajracharya Ivory

" During the Rites my son became ill. He was out of school for almost 2 weeks. He has been back at school for 4 days and not one incident has occurred. Thus far he is doing great! NO restraining at all. He seems much happier. I feel he has a chance now. Thank you! I'm just so happy for my son whatever obstacles were in his way seems to have been either removed or quieted down. His sense of humor is becoming more apparent. He is more cooperative and helpful. Thank you to All." ~ Sandra G.

"As you mentioned my dad comes first and the reason I asked you to do the Antaisui for him is that it can in some way reduce his suffering. He had cataracts forming which have now gone and he had a bad fall and ended up in hospital. It has been confirmed that he no longer has cataracts and his sight has improved and his bad shoulder from falling over has healed. Wah Wah Wah!" ~ Vajracharya Carol

Food For Thought

"It is best not to use dharma-magic but do practice according to the law of karma." ~ Heart to Heart from Dechan Jueren to Zanze Pandit

Perhaps it's just the Fire Offering Rite involving Sian Buddha practices. Or, perhaps it's just your good karma to have your wish come true.

Everyone has a brain; it lets us think clearly on everything. Everyone has a pair of eyes; they let us see everything clearly. Everyone has a pair of ears; they let us hear everything clearly. In regard to belief, we should also hear with clarity, see with clarity and think with clarity.

Pandit does rites for your benefit is to wish that you will start the proper dharma practice of introspection. All genuine spiritual practices must return the light inward; it is an internal path.

Dharma Rite Service

Sian Tao: The Shaman Path of the Chinese Tao Teachings

Please Note:

Are you facing a perplexing situation? Do you truly want to know yourself? Have you tried whatever but with minimal improvement?

If you do not follow filial piety – the virtue of respect and care for your parents and ancestors, dharma-magic will not work for you.

If you do no good deeds and do lots of bad deed, dharma-magic will not work for you.

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