Thunderbolt Yoga: Six Ways of Mantra Healing

Vajra Yoga Abhicaraka Dharma

by Good Sam

Thunderbolt Yoga is the Dharma Practice of spiritual techniques to heal illnesses, to have good health, and to liberate one from suffering. The Dharma Practice is an expedient mean to open up wisdom and to enjoy life.

Many people have benefited from the practice due to its unique method of strengthening and healing the human body. It is a practice to understand the main cause of human existence and illnesses, namely impermanence.

Impermanence is the constant changes of the body and mind. The changing seasons also bring changes of environmental conditions. Eating food also wears away the human body and leads to its changes. All of these conditions may cause the body to become ill. Human desire is endless. Emotional changes, therefore, can also cause imbalance to the body and mind.

Learn to help yourself so you may be able to help others with the Thunderbolt Yoga Mantra Healing, the natural, practical solution to real life suffering. They are the realization of the ancients' life science.

"Thunderbolt Yoga Abhicaraka is based on the indivisible teachings of the Garbhadhatu and Vajradhatu of Esoteric Buddhist Practice. This is the practice to spiritually heal all diseases. All and every disease originates from the mind. When the mind is mired in its own maze, it sets up a condition in the mindfield. When such condition has ripened, the body tenses up. The minefield mindtrips the mindfield. Illness begins. The six ways of mantra healing cover all healing modalities in the three healing categories of 'Om' reflection." by Zanze Pandit

I experienced a very welcome and unexpected health improvement during a healing training session.

I went to see what this was all about with great skepticism and did not think that this type of thing was ever possible. The introduction and first healing session were so amazing I decided to continue.

During one of the sessions with Zanze Pandit, we were practicing healing. I was sitting in a chair with another student in front of me and Zanze Pandit was behind me demonstrating. He said to me don't move so I just sat there. After a discussion I got up from the chair and felt very different. I could move my neck without obstruction. The lump on it was gone, it was missing.

I had lived with a lump on the left back side of my neck at the base of the skull for many years. It was the size of large marble, sometimes caused a lot of pain and affected my neck movement but I was too scared to go see a doctor about it. I dealt with it as one would deal with a sprained ankle. Nothing serious, it would just be a constant weakness and irritation. I never told anyone about it, because I was afraid of what it might be.

I did not mention it to Zanze Pandit, so when it was gone, I couldn't believe it. I still can't believe it.

I am very thankful for this healing.

L. Cargill - 28th October 2008

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