Thunderbolt Wood & Meteorite Metal

Not Your Run-of-the-Mill Crouching Tiger & Hidden Dragon

Written by Zanze Pandit

All and everything is a Taiji, or Tai Chi, in itself. Taiji is the unity of Yin and Yang. One can think of Taiji the same as Yoga. All and everything exists for a reason and has a purpose. The dual property of Taiji in its various aspects is the rhythm of nature. Such rhythm is known through the interaction and interdependence of the Bagua, or Eight Trigrams.

In the eastern trigram, prenatal fire is postnatal thunderbolt. Thunderbolt belongs in the wood element. Thunderbolt-struck wood is charged with prenatal fire. We call such wood the Hidden Dragon.

In the western trigram, prenatal water is postnatal lake. Lake belongs in the metal element. Meteorite metal is composed of prenatal water. We call such metal the Crouching Tiger.

Earthly things are made of wood or metal. Therefore, Chinese call things dong-xi, or east-west.

Thunderbolt-struck wood and meteorite metal are relatively speaking rare things. Such postnatal things are now infused with prenatal charges. Such things are a prime choice material for dharma instruments. Such things are empowered by the rhythm of nature as a protective talisman.

Pandit has acquired a few pieces of the thunderbolt-struck wood. They are been carved into Buddha and Bodhisattva pendants. Pandit decided to give the pendants away. One who donates over £300 for the enlivening of the Buddha statues of MahaAmita Temple will be gifted one pendant. Since there are only so many pendants, only ten pendants will be gifted and first come first serve.

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