The Mission of the Esoteric School

Our mission is to eliminate the sufferings of all living beings, to firm the seeds of humanity and to turn the wheel of the true teachings. We dedicate ourselves to the supreme teacher, to the awakened one, to the true teachings, and to those who aspire to relieve the sufferings of every sentient being.

We must:

Renounce our ego, give of ourselves to the utmost of our ability and work together harmoniously.
Do research and development of the ancient sciences for modern applications.
Go beyond the vision of separate schools of knowledge, realizing every school originated from the same truth, and all have experience we can learn from.
Use the most efficient modern methods to develop and expand the ancient teachings.
Help people understand the esoteric teachings and what it can do for them.
In order to be able to effectively apply and use the ancient wisdom, we first need to conquer ourselves, which means we will have no more physical aliments and never be sick again.

Once we are liberated from sickness and bad luck, we can live a life of happiness without worries and really understand what life is.

Once we have begun to learn the esoteric teachings, we will then see what we can do.

We know the Dharma can solve the problems and sufferings of people. We must focus on bringing this understanding to more people, throughout the world.

Who are you guys?

  • Dechan Jueren

    Dechan Jueren

    (Attained Zen Awakened Man)
    Mahavairocana Dharma King, Living Buddha

  • Zanze Pandit

    Zanze Pandit

    (Exalted Standard Learned Man)
    Dean of the Esoteric School

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