Self Spiritual Light: The Light of Self-Nature

by Vajratara

Mantra Healing is a form of natural energy healing based on the Hanmi Tradition. It is a method of hands off healing whereby a practitioner channels life force energy, what Hanmi calls Self Spiritual Light with focused intention. Its combination of techniques calm the mind and relax the body so that they return to natural rhythm.

Self Spiritual Light is a natural rhythm, or a kind of natural vibration, which flows through and exists in everyone. Whilst everyone has this light - life force energy, the light or aura is not normally visible to the naked eye of an average person.

Life force energy flows through the body and sustains functioning of the body. It may become depleted or its flow may be impeded. If the flow of this life force energy is disrupted the body may not function at its optimal level.

In some forms of energy healing, practitioners draw on the energy of the earth or the universe which they channel through their own energy field and towards a person or group of people. In Mantric Healing we chant mantras to generate an abundance of Self Spiritual Light which can be directed with intention towards a person or group of people. Mantric Healing can help rebalance or recalibrate the flow of energy or its level of vibration.

In Hanmi, the terms 'Meditation' and 'Yoga' are synonymous. In the west the name Yoga is often thought of as just a physical practice. In Yoga the mind, body and breath (a coarse form of Prana, or Qi) are understood to be interconnected. Depending on the form of Yoga the outward appearance of the practice can seem to emphasise training the body, the breath or the mind. In fact all Yoga works on all three levels.

In Buddhist belief, any situation we face in life be it positive or negative is due to our Karma - our past actions. This is understood as the law of cause and effect. It is believed that by changing our current behaviour whether through meditation or otherwise we change our lives. What exactly the change will be cannot be predicted. In Buddhism we would believe that there are as many responses to meditation as there are people, as there are no two minds the same.

As spiritual meditation is a form of prayer, it is believed that a practitioner may cultivate spiritual healing within oneself. This form of healing would be seen as capable of spiritually purifying an individual's karma. Buddhists would believe that if an individual can so purify their karma that it is possible that their life will change positively. As with prayer in any religious tradition, no outcome can be guaranteed.

The health benefits of meditation are the subject of ongoing study and many people feel that their overall wellbeing improves when they meditate regularly. We offer meditation teaching to people on the basis that it teaches you how to focus the mind and relax.

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