Open Your Heart Sutra

Tao of Heart: Seeing the Sound of Wisdom Perfection

Shunyata is, perhaps, the most notable idea in the teachings of Mahayana Buddhism. The whole of the Heart Sutra, or Wisdom Perfection Heart Sutra, is all about Shunyata. Learn the complete teachings of the Heart Sutra... Sanskrit chant, English translation, practical philosophy, and complete meditation practice, with original interpretation by Zanze Pandit.

Is it suffering you wish to end?
Is it wisdom you wish to gain?
Then, go for the Noble Path.
Be real. Be Tao.

Practice the Heart Meditation
Learn to Chant the Heart Sutra in Sanskrit
Understand the Beauty of the Profound Dharani
Grasp the Esoteric Elucidation of the Heart Sutra

Plug into inner peace and perfect the Wisdom Tao.

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  • Dechan Jueren

    Dechan Jueren

    (Attained Zen Awakened Man)
    Mahavairocana Dharma King, Living Buddha

  • Zanze Pandit

    Zanze Pandit

    (Exalted Standard Learned Man)
    Dean of the Esoteric School

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