Meditation Retreat for Self-Realization

Who Is This For?

This is for you, the thoughtful individual, who is ready to study humbly, cultivate genuinely and breakthrough fearlessly. Life is not satisfactory until one embarks on the genuine spiritual path of self-inquiry, self-examination and self-reflection.

Why the Meditation Retreat?

We intend to create conditions that are conducive to assist you to attain genuine self-introspection and to develop spiritual maturity.

In the Great Dharani Class 2010, Dechan Jueren said, "If you cannot enter the state with Calming & Relaxing, we will not take you to Diamond Wisdom, no matter how much you think that you have been practicing. You will have to demonstrate in class that you can enter the state with Calming & Relaxing."

Apparently "enter the state" is the main focus.

Do you want to be a meditator who is genuinely attained or who merely feels good?

What is in the Retreat?

You will learn the Foundation Dharma Practice for Self-Realization, which includes:
Lectures to elevate your awareness.
Meditation Practices: Treasure Vase Qi, Calming & Relaxing, Diamond Wisdom and Dhyana Yoga
Healing Techniques: Thunderbolt Yoga
Conditions: Mandala and Guardian Shrine (Refer to Foundation Knowledge DVD)
Empowerments: Abhisheka, Yantra and Nectar
Goal: Acquire the skills to enter the state
Results may vary according to each individual’s humility, sincerity, effort and karma.

How Did Pandit Learn?

Pandit learnt these practices directly from Dechan Jueren. The class was taught over five evenings. Each evening consisted of about 2 hours of lecture and about 42 minutes of meditation. In other words, the lecture parts were contemplation to elevate the student's awareness. The technical parts were the three-mystery meditations involving mantra, mudra and visualization. Obviously the lectures took more time than the actual meditation perhaps because of the importance of 'awareness' over 'technique'.

Abhiseka and nectar were received and each practice also included empowerment.

1. Treasure Vase Qi: Hands Empowerment
2. Calming & Relaxing: Halo Empowerment
3. Diamond Wisdom: Open Middle Vein Empowerment
4. Dhyana Yoga: Plant Lotus Flower Empowerment
5. Thunderbolt Yoga: Sama Fire Empowerment

In the Treasure Vase Qi, Pandit will provide 5-level instead of 3-level empowerment.

Calming & Relaxing next step, as some of you have received, which will be part of the retreat, is the prevent radiation sickness meditation practice. Do you understand the significance of this practice, which involves Amitabha Buddha, Avalokitasvara Bodhisattva and Mahastamaprapta Bodhisattva?

Have you ever wondered what Diamond Wisdom is all about? Hint: Nagasvara Thunderbolt.

What’s in Dhyana Yoga? There are eight parts in this practice. First is Calm and eighth is Insight. Has anyone realized what this is about? Calm Meditation is Samatha. Insight Meditation is Vipassana. OMG! This is meditation teachings of the Buddha and practiced by the Theravadins.

Have Some Food for Thought?

Dechan Jueren said over and over, "Your dharma practice is dead and stuck like robot! Your dharma practice needs to come alive! Elevate your awareness!"

The retreat is aimed at helping you to 'enter the state' or ultimately to complete the four Dhyana Chan Zen states. This is the foundation for all and any tantra practice. If your foundation is shaky, your tantra practice is shaky.

Many cultivators have focused on practices as healer, reader and ritual performer. The retreat is to focus on the fourth way – awakening.

OK, folks! No more nonsense. No more vanity. No more dogma. Let’s focus on the heart of the matter.

Cultivate practice by elevating awareness.

Genuine spiritual knowledge liberates one from the bondage of desire and ignorance.

Would You Like to Put the Soul In to Enliven Your Awareness?

Meditation Retreat for Self-Realization will be in two parts: online & retreat

If you will be 57 years old or older in 2014 and feel that Meditation Retreat for Self-Realization is too challenging for you, you will have the opportunity to learn a special one-practice meditation teaching from Pandit per Dechan Jueren's instruction – the Long Life Dharma Practice. Pandit is giving this practice in part due to the twelve prophecies of grandmaster Huiling.

Dharma is born in time of arising condition and passes in time of extinct condition.

If you are serious, sincere and sane, Pandit invites you to have a chat. Just send your name, email address, phone (the number, not the actual phone), skype name, city & country, etc. to ask(at) for details.

Live to Learn More:

Who are you guys?

  • Dechan Jueren

    Dechan Jueren

    (Attained Zen Awakened Man)
    Mahavairocana Dharma King, Living Buddha

  • Zanze Pandit

    Zanze Pandit

    (Exalted Standard Learned Man)
    Dean of the Esoteric School

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