Mantra Yoga

Master the change in the tones to clear blockages in the meridians, the veins, and the brain, to de-stress your life, to strengthen your body, to expand your vision, and to open up your wisdom. From lotus chant to thunderbolt chant; from thunderbolt chant to samadhi chant; from samadhi chant to chant from your heart. Seed syllable, mantra, dharani, prayer, and devotion hymn clearly explained. Join this mantra class to churn your mind for fun, health and self-realization!

How many mantras are there?

Depends on how you count them. Whichever way, there are more than 10,000.

The Popular Transmissiom Mantra Book - the list of 33 mantras with Medicine Buddha Vase Blessing Food Stuff
The Foundation Knowledge Mantra Book - the list of 96 mantras and chants
The Elective Practice Mantra Book - the list of 210 mantras and chants
The Advanced Focus Mantra Book - the list of Dharani chants

How many categories of mantra are there?

Depends on how you categorize them. Here is one way:
Tathagata, or Buddha

Who are you guys?

  • Dechan Jueren

    Dechan Jueren

    (Attained Zen Awakened Man)
    Mahavairocana Dharma King, Living Buddha

  • Zanze Pandit

    Zanze Pandit

    (Exalted Standard Learned Man)
    Dean of the Esoteric School

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