Logical, Unemotinal, and Impartial

Commentary on Zhi Ling's Cling On, Let Go or Be Free

by Karma Realist - 16th November 2012

The logical, unemotional, and impartial answer would be option 3, Be Free. Pain is perceived in the eyes of the beholder. Perhaps, the intended action was not supposed to create or pain or anger, but rather other intentions. Human beings can be very emotional creatures. When perceived pain is observed, anger or a potential poison is generated. Once the anger is generated, a response occurs and hence the cycle of karma or cause and effect occurs. Dependent origination occurs at this point in time and you may created suffering at some future point in time. What is the point of that?

The option of letting go is more benevolent than anger. However, I don't like the second option because it is subjected to perception. Perception may lead to resentment and future anger down the line.

The third option is the hardest one to incorporate into one's behavior. However, that is the option that leads to the least amount of suffering.

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