Karma, Dharma, and BEing

by S. Humphreys - 21st October 2012

Cause and Effect are simply perceptions of balance based on mind's grasping meaning beyond (the) Just Act of BEing.

In other words, Cause and Effect are ONE breakdown of a simple version of perception because mind's desire for perceiving balance is caused by mind's outrage that desire was not granted according to its own illusion of concious perceived expectation based on past values of illusion's lack.

Intent is Causing Effect. It is neither out of balance nor IN balance, for either is a value of perception. It just IS. It is only the Observation of perception's value that "causes" it to be some-thing other than just IS.

Karma is a perception of subconcious guilt. It is only an energy so long as it is Observed. If it is not Observed, it does not exist. If there is no guilt, there is no Karma.

So - desire equals pain equals reaching for what ONE already has because the knowing of BEing is not being experienced, creating mind's (need for) desire. It is only the lack of Observation that one already IS ONE (with ALL) that creates the separation of the concious into sub-units of being unconcious, or subconcious(ness). In this way, mind creates meaning outside the bliss of (Just Act of) BEing.

Emptiness IS Happy Bliss BEing Joy. Observation of BEing ONE with this is our gift of free Will.

Pandit's Note:
A debate is not about winning or losing an argument, but is to elucidate reality and to inspire rational behavior. Do you think that this writer is talking sense or talking silly? Contribute your peace or piece of mind here. Just email if want your thought posted here.

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