Karma: Consequence of Duality

Rebuttal to Humphreys' Karma, Dharma and BEing

by Tom McGahan - 8th November 2012

Karma is a consequence of duality, cause and effect, or action and reaction.

If I cause an accident whilst driving this will have effect, I may cause injury, my insurance premium WILL go up, and these are the effects of my action.

As we walk through life we plant many seeds, some of these may grow to be weeds and some may bloom into flowers, as we become more mindful we become aware of what seeds we are planting.

Mind interprets the action and reactions and thus creates an emotional attachment such as guilt, fear, jealousy or even joy.

When the mind is transcended it will no longer identify with the weeds or flowers, our conceptualization will drop away and all will become consciousness, which has no qualities as it is emptiness.

Pandit's Note:

Dharma is the truth when it is self-evident and verifiable in nature. Have the writers clearly explained the linking causation of their view? Or, in other words, have they presented their view with clear understanding and logic that even an eight-year old can see the truth? Or, is any of the writer muddling up and inconsistent or self-contraditory in his thinking?

Can you see which writing is Creationist Monoistic view, or Tantric Dualistic view, or Dependant Origination Middle Path view, or Hybrid But Not Quite Unified view?

Do you think that they are talking sense or talking silly? Contribute your peace or piece of mind here. Just email if want your thought posted here.

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