Initiation In the Wisdom Path

Written by Vajratara

Guru is the spiritual guide, one who has walked a little further down the path than you, who can help you walk around life's potholes instead of into them, because they have been there already. Or they will wisely let you walk into them knowing that this is the fastest way for you to learn, but is there to support you as you do.

The word Guru means "Uplifter". In other words a Guru can uplift you, and help you on your way to self-realization. A Guru knows that your Journey is uniquely yours and does not make your decisions for you.

A Guru understands the true nature of compassion and this is the basis of their relationship with you. Sometimes this is gentle and sometimes this is stern, but it is always with the compassion to guide you out of your state of ignorance by the most expedient means possible.

So like any good teacher they will push you when you need pushed, even when you don't like it. A Guru will force you out of your conditioned thinking and make you push your boundaries until you are no longer limited by them. When your mind is no longer limited, then you begin to see reality, becoming an impartial witness.

By tradition in the East for someone to become a Guru they must be connected to a spiritual lineage. They use the expression "Guruparamguru" which means, guru guidance or guru lineage. The essential idea being that there is a spiritual heritage of awareness and of verified teaching to guide one to awakening.

Zanze Pandit is offering initiation and wants to take on only as many disciples as his schedule will allow him to devote time and attention to. He feels that as the Guru-Disciple relationship is a committed one, it should be entered into with due care.

To help decide if he is the right Guru for them he prefers that any potential Disciple takes the opportunity to talk with him first. He also uses Traditional Chinese Metaphysics to gain insight into a potential Disciple's essential character and how much they would benefit from his guidance.

Who are you guys?

  • Dechan Jueren

    Dechan Jueren

    (Attained Zen Awakened Man)
    Mahavairocana Dharma King, Living Buddha

  • Zanze Pandit

    Zanze Pandit

    (Exalted Standard Learned Man)
    Dean of the Esoteric School

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