Happy Akasha Yoga: Prajna Akasagarbha Movement

Akasha Yoga is a movement, moving meditation, practice.

Akasha Yoga consists of three movement practices, or moving meditation: Wisdom Akasagarbha, Thunderbolt Akasagarbha and Happy Treasure Akasagarbha.

Wisdom Akasagarbha

Prajna Akasagarbha (in Sanskrit) is an ancient yoga practice, which means Wisdom Space Womb Cosmic Cultivation. It is a practice to align your body, mind and speech, and to gain rapid spiritual growth, improved health and vitality. Realize wisdom by awakening the seed of alaya consciousness in the body.

There are sixteen movements:

  1. Beginning Move
  2. Four Wheels of Fire
  3. Akasa Rising
  4. Sumeru Mudra
  5. Round Pass Mudra
  6. Brilliant Fire Mudra
  7. Blazing Fire Mudra
  8. Prajna Destiny Mudra
  9. Akasa Mudra
  10. Akasa Receiving and Guiding
  11. Akasa Flame
  12. Akasagarbha Mudra
  13. Akasa Descending Body
  14. All-Over-Swimming
  15. Akasagarbha Heart Mudra
  16. Closing Move

The movement is smooth, balanced, and flows like water. It moves slowly with great depth. First, your body, mind and movement will join in one with nature. Then, the light of your body and soul will quickly join in one with the light of the heavenly bodies and the universe.

You will experience the sensation of gravitational pulls and your health will improve. Once your body has a fundamental change, then wisdom opens up. Once you have wisdom, then you will truly be One and will know the rhythm of nature. Once you grasp the true rhythm of nature, then you will enter the reality, and truly live your life according to the nature.

This yoga movement exercise is suitable for all ages and levels of physical dexterity. You will learn simple techniques to de-stress yourself, and experience inner peace and improved health. Once you have good health, good luck will come to you, prosperity will like you. You will learn to develop the skills to open up your wisdom. Once you have wisdom revealed, you will be able to read the Akashic Records and live a fulfilling life.

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