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Written by Zanze Pandit

Laotzu Confucius Shakyamuni
Quanzhen Longmeng Fulu
Yoga Vidya Tantra

Did You Know?

Han Mi 漢密, or Han Mysticism, is the practice of Esoteric Buddhism with the essence of the Taoist and Confucian teachings.

There are basically, in a very rough generalization, two flows: Hindu-Buddhistic and Sino-Taoistic.

The three Hindu-Buddhistic schools are Yoga, Vidya and Tantra. The ultimate path of all three schools is internal, or the easy path begins with Trini-guhyani Yoga and the ultimate practice focuses on Samaya Vidya Tantra.

The three Sino-Taoistic schools are
Quanzhen the Whole Truth School
Longmen the Dragon Gate School
Fulu the Talisman School

Confucianism is rather called Ru-jiao 儒教, the teaching of what one needs.

It has become such a weakness of so many modern day gurus, so bogged down in dogma that they have taken the teachings of the ancient sages out of context. "Ism" has become such an overused dogma restricting the aspirants. Ism only came later after the sages had passed on.

Learn from every great teacher! Learn everyday as if you will live forever! Follow in the footsteps of the great ancient sages!

Know yourself. Change Yourself. Conquer yourself. Kick your own five arses: attachment, aversion, agnostic, arrogance and ambivalence!

Religion is supposed to be a set of teachings that free the mind of those who hear it.

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