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Written by Rene C.

"Solid Foundation Is Important.

"Don't practice dharma according to the phenomenon; understand the essence.

As I have heard Dechan Jueren said.

Before you practice more advanced dharma practices you must have a strong foundation. If you’re using Dharani or Ucchushma techniques you have to have your Foundation Meditation practices down to make them truly effective. Then you have the awareness of when and how to use them, and with the right motivation.

When practicing the Foundation Meditations, just sitting and going through the steps is not enough. Mantra, mudra and visualization come together in a profound way when you start understanding them. They are not simply just thrown together; they connect in a very subtle and amazing way.

Hanmi is unique in the western world, because it’s Chinese Esoteric School! Originally, the Foundation Meditation practices all had Chinese mantras. Spending time with Zanze, I’ve been fortunate enough to learn some of them, and they bring another level of understanding. When the Chinese characters are broken down and explained, deeper meanings are revealed. With more clarity, the meditations start to come more alive, not just steps being followed.

As I write this, I’m in my second week of Calming and Relaxing intensive retreat – the second practice of the Foundation Meditation for Self-Realization. Some strange things have happened physically, but it seems to have settled for the time. Slowly, I can sit for longer, and I’m more focused, with more moments of clarity; also, with more understanding. I don’t struggle to try and memorise each step, they just kind of flow naturally.

As I have learned from Pandit, you really need to understand how the Buddha, Bodhisattva, mantra, mudra, connect. So you can begin to see the dharma practice as a whole.

I thought I felt humbled. Now, I feel awe-stricken.


Written by Rene C.

I was at Pandit’s home practicing rainmaking Dharma with him.

I was doing visualization accordingly. I had no conditions attached to what I was doing; just a clear mind focusing with no expectation. About an hour later, the weather changed from a bright sunny day to torrential rain; really heavy downpour. It lasted about half an hour. Pandit said it was most effective because of the humidity; the real challenge would be in a drier environment.

Coincidence or who knows? But it was a drastic change. The day before, no rain; no rain for the rest of the day and the day after!

Rain stopping

Written by Vajratara

Walking with a friend recently, I felt a few drops of rain beginning to fall. It had been beautifully sunny in the morning, so I had not brought an umbrella with me! Within seconds the heaven opened and rain poured down. We took refuge under the awning of a building; the rain was so heavy that to cross the street to the 7-11 was too far to go. Knowing Pandit was close by I called him to come rescue us. He duly arrived with one umbrella and said “Just wait two minutes.” We did – the rain lightened to a sprinkle and then stopped. It didn’t rain for two days. Pandit and another student told me what they had been practicing.

No rain – downpour – no rain, interesting, interesting!

Speaking In Tongue

by Zanze Pandit

This is just some shamanic abracadabra to see if there is anyone in concert.

The anima cannot plant since it inclines to Yang.

The planter cannot move since it inclines to Yin.

Only human beings can be; dynamic and planting, planting and moving.

Therefore, human beings get the whole of Yin and Yang.

Therefore, human beings can animate the material, are both spiritual and material, and can form and separate groups.

The anima in the spirit realm cannot plant. The Yang-spirit nurtures the essence of sun and moon, and is the divinity in heaven and earth.

If the spirit animates and desires to plant, it must attach to a human body or a material body. Such planter then must be a Yin-spirit.

Transform your Yin-spirit to Yang-spirit by raising awareness.

Foundation Meditation Retreat for Self-Realization

Sian Tao: The Shaman Path of the Chinese Tao Teachings

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