Enlivening Buddha Statue

by Vajratara

The Mahabodhi Temple (Brentwood Buddhist Centre, UK) is beginning the process of enlivening a statue of Shakyamuni Buddha, for the temple's sacred space. Enlivening is a process to empower a Buddha statue as a ritual vortex, so that like a spiritual transceiver signal tower, it enhances the field of the altar space for Dharma Rite practice. The enlivening of a statue brings forth the light and also anchors the sacred space of a temple.

Treasures of different forms are stored within the statue as part of the enlivening. By tradition, the main Buddha statue of an altar is enlivened with gems, contributors' names, and other items stored inside.

Those people whose names are placed in the Buddha receive blessing every time a Dharma Rite or any other Dharma practice takes place in the temple.

Zanze Pandit is the only person to have received direct transmission and one-to-one training from Dechan Jueren to enliven Buddha statues for temple level purposes. He has enlivened over 500 Buddha statues, including the Five Wisdom Buddhas. The morning after he performed the enlivening of the Five Wisdom Buddhas for a Taiwan temple it was discovered that the water in the first offering cup was now filled with what looked like a golden yellow ghee. The members of that temple were amazed by what they had witnessed. Dechan Jueren advised that it was nectar that had appeared in the cup, and that the temple enlivening had been done well.

As this enlivening process only occurs when a new temple is opened, it is a special event and a rare opportunity to be included and receive blessings ongoing. As the statue must be sealed for the enlivening the time in which you can contribute is limited, names cannot be added afterwards.

In the Buddhist world, the faithful would jump at such chance to be included in the Buddha. Zanze has personally contributed gem stone, gold coin and many other treasures every time a temple enlivening takes place.

Temple Enlivening is very special, and it may be some time before it will happen again. It is especially auspicious that we have this opportunity at this moment in time.

If you wish to give an offering for yourself and your loved ones to have the names store inside the Buddha for bringing good luck and spiritual protection are welcome.

Golden Dharani Lotus Blooming For Mahabodhi Temple

Images of Buddha's come in all shapes and sizes, nature shows us the way.

This beautiful golden lotus flower appeared during our 2012 Continuation Dharani Class, the day Zanze Pandit started the enlivening of the Mahabodhi Temple statue. The lotus plant had been a gift to the temple and looked after by many, especially the nurturing hands of Charlotte. The first and only other time this lotus plant bloomed was February 2011, just after Master Dechan Jueren return from China.

When I saw the lotus I felt a tingling vibration through my whole body, a physical sign, proof to me that Master was here empowering our space and blessing our sincere efforts. Sharing this blessed sign made our family gathering even sweeter. Daily the changing bloom brought smiles to all our faces, reminding us of our own Buddha nature... that everything is changing and nothing is permanent.

It is my feeling that this was not only a blessing for our Dharani gathering; it was also a blessing to the Mahabodhi Temple and its many supporters.

Written by Vajracharya Debra Becker

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    Dechan Jueren

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    Zanze Pandit

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Golden Dharani Lotus Blooming
Photo by Vajracharya Carol Aitken