Dhyana Yoga Guided Meditation

A Guided Meditation Dharma Practice

Dhyana Cultivation Basics Eight-Word Mind Dharma

Entering the Dhyana Chan Zen state is a must have step of cultivating esoteric Dharma Practice and for entering the higher state in the cultivation process. First one must quiet the mind to cultivate the thinking. Then one must purify one's thinking to enter a kind of eternal steady state.

The third Dhyana Chan Zen state is know as the hard-to-advance state. It is like a quagmire, a wondrous state where many will get stuck. Avoid the pitfall of the third state with the union of the three mysteries through the eight steps of Calm, Extinct, Sink, Fall, Dhyana, Samadhi, Wisdom, and Insight.

In the Dhyana Chan Zen state, neither the cultivator's mental, biological, nor the instinct of any aspect of their ego can have any specific reflection. In the world of Dhyana Chan Zen, no external state can influence the eternal steady nature of the cultivator's mind. The cultivator must extinguish all and every delusional form to specifically experience the true meaning. Formlessness may be considered Zen. If one may renounce the delusion of the mind, one may achieve the state of wisdom revealed.

Enter the fourth and the final Dhyana Chan Zen state, the clear state of pure awareness, and attain self-realization.

Foundation Dharma Practice For Self-Realization

A Guided Meditation Workshop

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Five Dharma Courses:
Treasure Vase Qi Dharma Practice
Calming & Relaxing Dharma Practice
Diamond Wisdom Dharma Practice
Dhyana Yoga Dharma Practice
Thunderbolt Yoga Natural Healing Dharma Practice

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