Dharma Course Guided Meditation Tantra of Deep Meditation

  • Points To Ponder

    He who has learned the method to help himself has the possibility to help others. If a person has truly entered the state of reality seeing one's past, present, and future lifetimes, you do not need to preach to him, he will naturally correct his behavior and change his destiny.

  • Meditation Clearly Explained

    Visualization is to discipline your mind. Understanding the basic concept is essential to elevate your awareness.

  • Mudra Yoga Finger Yoga

    Mudra is to open up the meridian channels in your body. Practice mudra with understanding of the basics helps set a foundation to experience the interconnection with all and everything.

  • Mantra Yoga

    Mantra is to churn your mind wih natural rhythm through voice vibration. Chant your mantra to feel its natural rhythm. Enter that rhythm and dicover the rhythm in the rhythm.

  • Medicine Buddha Dharma Practice

    The Healing Buddha, Medicine Buddha

    We have all heard stories of ancient Masters who lived very long healthy lives despite facing amazing challenges and still staying and looking youthful and vibrant.

  • Entering Tranquility, Dhyana Chan Zen Meditation

    Mind power comes from purified thinking. You must first develop purity of thought. When you do, your mind enters a certain state to witnessing reality.

  • Tantra Essential, Open Your Heart Sutra

    As the heart is rhythmic the mind is conscious. As we resonate with the heartbeat of life our mind can also attune to the conscious awareness of reality.

  • Self Improvement Calcium Enrichemnt

    Calcium Self-Enrichment Guided Meditation

    This guided meditation can help regenerate the body for better health by improving the metabolism so that the calcium that is needed by the body is naturally absorbed by the body.

  • Self Growth Happy Akshagarbha Yoga

    Happy Akashagarbha Yoga

    The breathing flows deep and long. In a very short time, one will merge together body, mind, movement and nature. The goal of doing this practice is to have good health to embark for wisdom.

  • Self Growth Self Improvement Surangama

    Heroic March on the Path of Enlightenment

    Conquer your delusional thinking. Let divine intervention cease the rising of your inner demon from your mind's reflections.

  • Ucchusma Vajrapala: Purifier of the Defiled

    The relatively unknown Ucchusma Vajrapala Sutra contains advanced teachings for self-purification, spiritual healing, controlling the forces of Nature, and spiritual self-defense.

  • Cundi Dharani: Limpid Clear Peace

    The practice can extinguish every sinful hindrance, can achieve every good merit, and can lead to the elimination of all negative karma and the accomplishment of a round and perfect aura.

  • Thunderbolt Yoga: Six Ways of Mantra Healing

    Thunderbolt Yoga is the practice of spiritual techniques to heal illnesses, to have good health, and to liberate one from suffering. The practice is an expedient mean to open up wisdom and to enjoy life.

  • 100-Day Great Dharani Teaching

    Namah Upholders of the Universal Goodness, Keepers of the Timeless Wisdom! By our conduct, comment, and conscience, we are upholding the teaching of the Awakened Ones.

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  • Dechan Jueren

    Dechan Jueren

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    Mahavairocana Dharma King, Living Buddha

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    Zanze Pandit

    (Exalted Standard Learned Man)
    Dean of the Esoteric School

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