Destined From The Day You Were Born?

Written by Vajratara

Have you ever wished life came with an instruction guide? It does! You just need to understand how to read it. Traditional Chinese Metaphysical Destiny Readings are an ancient method to understand this guide to your life.

Based on your date of birth; Year, Month, Day, Time, a Traditional Chinese Metaphysical Destiny Reading can provide you with a guide to your life path. It can identify and explain why certain years will be easy and the perfect time for a new venture, a business deal or relationship. It can also give you an understanding of your own personality traits and characteristics and why there are certain people you click with and others who will drive you crazy no matter how hard you or they try.

This guide was written the moment you were born. It is a guide, not a rulebook, and like any advice you decide how to use it, or not. But what it can do is help you get to where you are going the easy way.

Having an insight into where you will be supported is always great. Knowing where your challenges are going to come from is invaluable. Everyone is faced with difficulties in their life. Being aware that they are coming does not mean that you can or should avoid them. Certain events may be completely beyond our control, but we can prepare for them on many levels, especially on an emotional and spiritual level so that we are better able to cope when we hit the rough patches.

By gaining an understanding of how our date of birth influences our personality, we can also come to a place of understanding and non-judgement of others. For example two people born under opposing signs may approach life from very different perspectives; they will not look things in the same way. This does not mean that either is wrong or bad, they are just different.

Understanding where people are coming from allows us to make decisions about our relationships, both personal and professional in a realistic and non-judgemental manner. It does not mean that we should only surround ourselves with people who think as we do and never again answer the phone to the relatives we "clash" with. Sometimes as with difficult situations, it is through the people who challenge us that we learn more about ourselves and grow. Sometimes we will never get any work done if we have to spend all day discussing how to do it!

Dare to know yourself!

As Pandit puts it, "Courage has no but, when it has butt, you get your ass kicked!"

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