Cundi Dharani: Limpid Clear Peace

Cundi Dharani can extinguish every sinful hindrance and can achieve every good merit. The holder of this dharani, by chanting from the heart, can increase the longevity of others. He who seeks wisdom shall attain wisdom. He who seeks sons and daughters shall have sons and daughters. The practice can lead to the elimination of all negative karma and the accomplishment of a round and perfect aura. It is a wish-fulfilling practice.

Cundi Bodhisattva is the Enlightened Mind of Avalokitesvara (Guanyin) Bodhisattva, and is also known as Most Victorious Vajrapala and Subjugation Vajrapala.


There are five families of teaching in the Esoteric School: Buddha Family, Lotus Family, Vajra Family, Treasure Family and Karma Family. Each family can be further divided into five divisions; therefore there are a total of twenty-five groups of dharma teachings.

Buddha Family includes all and every Buddha mantra. Lotus Family includes all and every Bodhisattva mantra. Vajra Family includes all and every Vajrapala mantra. Treasure Family includes all and every Deva mantra. Karma Family includes all and every Spirit mantra.

Nargajuna Bodhisattva thought that the Cundi Dharma includes all twenty-five groups into one single unified practice. The sutra states, "Chant this mantra once is equivalent to chanting all and every dharani once."

Cundi Merit Praise by Nagarjuna

Cundi merits are gathering.
Tranquil mind often chants it.
Every calamity can be averted.
Heaven above to the world here
the blessing is like the Buddha.
Chance meeting this wish-fulfilling jewel
surely obtains the supreme accomplishment.


Tripitaka Master Subhakarasimha, the son of king, received precept initiation at ten and was made the crown prince at thirteen. His older brothers raised arms to rebel. He unwillingly headed the army. He returned to the palace and said to his mother and ministers, "My aspiration is the Path." He promptly abdicated his throne to his older brothers.

After Subhakarasimha became a homeless brother, he journeyed to the south sea and entered the Lotus Samadhi. Later he traveled by a merchant ship to middle Sindu. He practiced Dhyani Chant in secret that his mouth was shining with white light. The sea was calm and the ship was fast. A sudden run in with the pirates threatened the life of the folks on the ship.

The master consoled his disciples and the folks on the ship by chanting silently the Cundi Dharani. The pirates ended up fighting each other. All the pirates repented their sin and took refuge with Master Subhakarasimha. The newly disciples of the master navigated the merchant ship over rough waters. Once they arrived in middle Sindu, they were greeted by the queen - Subhakarasimha's older sister. The king learned about the details of their journey and unceasingly praised them.


One time, Vajrabodhi was in the emperor's entourage to Luoyang. That year had a drought. There had not a single raindrop for five months. Every temple and shrine was praying for rain with no result. The emperor called on Master Vajrabodhi to setup an altar to pray for rain.

Vajrabodhi commanded Amoghavajra and others to setup the altar. An elaborate Cundi Bodhisattva image was placed on the altar. The emperor sent Master Yixing as the observer. The rite went on for seven days. The fire sun was high in the cloudless sky. On the afternoon of the seventh day, the northwestern wind started. In no time, suddenly big rain was here and put a hole through the altar room.

Everyone was frightened.

After the rain, the noblemen and commoners of the imperial capital all came to view the altar room. Everyone was saying that Master Vajrabodhi conjured up a dragon, which put a hole through the roof and flew skywards. Tens of thousands people came to witness.

If you wish to receive the Cundi teaching with complete meditation practice and materials, simply contact the Esoteric School.

Cundi Bodhisattva

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