"Master Zanze, I want to tell you that I SO enjoyed your Teachings Friday night about not getting into fear. I really heard you! And I awakened Saturday morning...with no fear! It was gone! It was very amazing. Thank you so so much!" ~ Sharon Wikoff

"Thank You, Master Zanze for helping my son. What did you do! He decided go back home; surprise me. My husband accepted him go home. When I asked him; everything happened so fast and peaceful. Again, I am very appreciating what you did to help my son." ~ Vajracharya Ivory

"During the Rites my son became ill. He was out of school for almost 2 weeks. He has been back at school for 4 days and not one incident has occurred. Thus far he is doing great! NO restraining at all. He seems much happier. I feel he has a chance now. Thank you! I'm just so happy for my son whatever obstacles were in his way seems to have been either removed or quieted down. His sense of humor is becoming more apparent. He is more cooperative and helpful. Thank you to All." ~ Sandra G.

"As you mentioned my dad comes first and the reason I asked you to do the Antaisui for him is that it can in some way reduce his suffering. He had cataracts forming which have now gone and he had a bad fall and ended up in hospital. It has been confirmed that he no longer has cataracts and his sight has improved and his bad shoulder from falling over has healed. Wah Wah Wah!" ~ Vajracharya Carol

"In the past year, I asked Zanze about a certain scenario that did not result in a good outcome. Upon explaining the context of the issue, Zanze offered the following advice. 'Taric, your inner demons failed you and led you to crash and burn.' At first, these comments were difficult to hear. However, I pondered his comments and he was 100% correct. My negative situation was created by my conduct and Zanze specifically identified this area. I appreciate Zanze's candor and honesty. At the end of the day, he gave me constructive criticism that helped me personally grow. Thanks!" by Taric Hegab - 3rd November 2012

"It is my great fortune to be guided and taught by such an honest and professional teacher. Zanze's vast knowledge and unique, direct teaching methods have helped guide me through the mire of external phenomena and dogma surrounding Buddhist practice and daily life. I have begun an incredible journey into my own inner experience which is having a profound positive effect on my personal, family and professional life." by Simon Thomas (Zhi Wan)

"After time spent with Zanze, meditation often goes deeper... He is a speaker with both scholarly and experiential knowledge of Buddhism... almost more compelling than the subject matter of his lectures is the fact that, like his guru, he has an ability to make the material come alive, that even when he is discussing points that one has already understood and integrated, there are moments when it's like the material and your mind light up, and though you have already understood it intellectually, you know that you have just integrated it at a new level." by Vajracharya Ellen Kraftsow

"Zanze has been an inspiration. He has provided spiritual guidance at an extreme time of need. Without his guidance, I would not be as successful in my spirituality and day-to-day endeavors. Thanks to him, I have a better understanding of Tantric Buddhism and what I need to do to increase my spiritual awareness." by Taric Hegab

"Hi! I wanted to thank Pandit for the very article, Destiny Yoga: Time Slice, which is very nice and was very helpful to me!" by A. Berted - 23rd November 2008

I experienced a very welcome and unexpected health improvement during a healing training session.

I went to see what this was all about with great skepticism and did not think that this type of thing was ever possible. The introduction and first healing session were so amazing I decided to continue.

During one of the sessions with Zanze Pandit, we were practicing healing. I was sitting in a chair with another student in front of me and Zanze Pandit was behind me demonstrating. He said to me don't move so I just sat there. After a discussion I got up from the chair and felt very different. I could move my neck without obstruction. The lump on it was gone, it was missing.

I had lived with a lump on the left back side of my neck at the base of the skull for many years. It was the size of large marble, sometimes caused a lot of pain and affected my neck movement but I was too scared to go see a doctor about it. I dealt with it as one would deal with a sprained ankle. Nothing serious, it would just be a constant weakness and irritation. I never told anyone about it, because I was afraid of what it might be.

I did not mention it to Zanze Pandit, so when it was gone, I couldn't believe it. I still can't believe it.

I am very thankful for this healing.

L. Cargill - 28th October 2008

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