Happy New Year

Antaisui Safe Year Dharma Rite 2015

Happy Chinese New Year of the Goat!

Year 4712 H.E.

Why Do We Do Antaisui Safe Year Prayer?

You! The spiritual service - Antaisui Safe Year - is for you because of love, compassion and service. You may face challenges in the year ahead.

Have you ever heard the story of Sir Walter Raleigh and Queen Elizabeth I of England? On their first meeting Sir Walter saw a puddle in the Queen's path. Very quickly he threw his cape over the puddle so that Elizabeth would not have to walk through the mud. Her feet may still have gotten a little wet, but she was saved from the worst of it.

Joining Antaisui is similar. It allows you to help make your path through the year ahead a little smoother. You may still get your feet wet but it might save you from getting stuck in the mud.

Take responsibility for your own destiny in the year ahead. You can make an Antaisui offering for others and yourself too – after all, why would you walk yourself into the mud if it can be crossed more easily?

Just Six Examples of Antaisui Yantra

Happy New Year

What Exactly Is An-Taisui?

Taisui refers to the virtual planet, which is opposite to and moving in reverse orbit of Jupiter. When Jupiter is running to the zodiac location of the Lunar New Year, the person who was born in, or opposite of that zodiac, is influenced by, and is in a clash with the year. In order to resolve this clash, "An-Taisui" service is performed for people to stay out of trouble or misfortune by making peace with the guardian deity of the year.

Chinese astrology uses 12 animal signs to describe the energy or characteristic traits of each year and month. Everything that happens in a particular year is influenced by these traits or energy. So the sign or character of the year that you were born in would influence your own personal character and personality.

Jupiter orbits the Sun every 11.86 Earth years (or 4,332 days) or for practical purpose about 12 years. Saturn orbits the Sun every 29.45 Earth years (or 10,759 days) or for practical purpose about 30 years. Therefore, Jupiter ad Saturn form the 60-year cycle of the Chinese calendar.

Each of the 60 years has a particular guardian deity. Ancient Yantra, or spiritual writing, is used as a mean to communicate with the guardian deity of the year. In other words, there are 60 yantras for the 60 years. Therefore, not every goat is the same. And, not every year is the same.

What are the birth years affected by Taisui in 2015?

As you head into a New Year, you look to see if your sign is going to have an easy and harmonious relationship with the energy of the year i.e. if it is going to bring you luck, or if instead it is going to be more of a clash.

If you are facing a more challenging year a ceremony called Antaisui can be performed to help make your year safer and more peaceful. This ceremony is performed by many schools and faiths in the East.

Goat   2003  1991  1979  1967  1955  1943  1931
Dog   2006  1994  1982  1970  1958  1946  1934
Ox   2009  1997  1985  1973  1961  1949  1937
Dragon   2012  2000  1988  1976  1964  1952  1940

All are welcome to request your Personal Antaisui Yantra, whether you are affected by the year or not.

How do I sign up?

To register for Antaisui Safe Year Dharma Rite 2015 and to receive your Personal Antaisui Yantra - paypal $108, 180, 300, 600, or 900 to ask(at)esotericschool.net along with your full name and date of birth before 16th February 2015.

Can I learn how to write the Antaisui Yantra?

Yes, Zanze Pandit will teach any sincere student on yantra writings. Antaisui Yantra is a spiritual writing like a shield that protect the person who's carrying it. If you would like to study how to write Antaisui Yantra, simply contact ask(at)esotericschool.net for details.

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