Great Dharani Teaching

Namah All And Every Buddha Of The Three Ages,
Those Who Had Completed Their Journey!
Namah Upholders Of The Universal Goodness,
Keepers Of The Timeless Wisdom!

Dharani has been refered to as the fourth basket to the Tripitaka.

Sila, Dhyana, Prajna and Dharani are the four ornaments that glorify a Bodhisattva.

Pandit's Note:
Sila - self discipline, ethical precepts, conduct according to conscience.
Dhyana - inner peace, center balance tranquility, free of three poisons.
Prajna - wisdom, true understanding, witness of linking causation.
Dharani - by our conduct, comment, and conscience, upholding the teaching of the Awakened Ones.


Dharani tranliteration and 100 divine healing symbols, by Tang Tripitaka Master Amoghavajra, on stone pillar sutra in the crypt of the North Pagoda, Chaoyang, Liaoning, Liao Dynasty (1044 A.D.) + more. Septemer 9, 2001, duly hand-written copied down by the curator.


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TBA good food, hot spring and green


Living Buddha Dechan Jueren and Zanze Pandit participated in the U.N. Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders.

During the opening ceremony, Pandit commented to Living Buddha, "I don't know what they are doing drumming for peace, but in the old days this meant alert. This is not a good sign."

Living Buddha said to Pandit, "War coming soon."

During the closing ceremony, Pandit commented to Living Buddha, "I don't know what they are doing howling for peace by immitating the whale's sound, more like wolf cry. This is not a good sign."

Living Buddha said to Pandit, "War coming soon."

In 2001, Zanze Pandit showed a news article to Dechan Jueren about the discovery of the amazing hidden caves under the Tanzhe Monastery. Dechan Jueren said that his master had told him twelve signs, and this was the sign to start teaching the Dharani.

In 2002, Dechan Jueren and Zanze Pandit discussed about teaching the Crypt Dharani. Dechan Jueren asked that Zanze Pandit to work on translating this into English.

Dharani 2002.

Dharani 2010.

We did not have the fortune to learn the Crypt Dharani (as significant as the Dead Sea scroll) in both classes.

In 2011, Living Buddha told Pandit, "My master said that I have 22 years to spread the teaching."

Later the same year, Living Buddha told Pandit, "Do as many Dharani classes as possible."

Sometimes before he passed away, Living Buddha twice emphatically asked Pandit, "Do you remember the Empowerment Dharma to record the guided meditation CD?"

Pandit promptly replied, "Yes, I remember it very well."

In 1999, Pandit and his mom made the parasol that adorned the Center Buddha. Living Buddha transmitted this Dharma to Pandit, and said, "This Dharma is only for one to hold in this lifetime. You are it. You are the abbot of this temple. See you in ten years." Pandit blurted out, "What! Wait!" No way was Pandit going to let Living Buddha leave, so Pandit implored him to stay.

Pandit knew this is not a good sign.

It is time to pass this timeless wisdom on to as many sincere humble path-doers as possible.

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